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Why Pack More, When You Can PackLess?

Welcome to PackLess Travel - where the only things you need to pack are your experiences and memories.

Imagine a getaway where you can actually get away with not packing. PackLess Travel makes that dream a reality. Rent a custom wardrobe with high-quality, comfortable, stylish, and practical clothing tailored to your preferences, activities, the local weather and culture. Experience the freedom of traveling light with a personal wardrobe waiting at your hotel, and enjoy the ease of leaving it all behind for us to pick up when you check-out.

Because life is better

with less baggage.

How it works

Plan Your Arrival


Tell us your hotel and arrival date. We'll ensure your bag is waiting for you when you check in at the front desk.

Tailor Your Bag


Tell us how many days of clothing you want, along with your sizes and preferences.

Enjoy & Return


Immerse yourself in your travel experience with the perfect wardrobe. Then, simply leave the bag with the return label attached at your hotel's front desk.

Don't Pack, Just Click!

 Never overpack again


 Leave behind the fear of forgetting essentials


 Enjoy a wardrobe ready for Boston’s unpredictable weather


 Avoid airline baggage fees and lost luggage nightmares


 Be part of an eco-friendly travel revolution

Why Pack More

When you can PackLess?

Note: The colours picked are preferences. We will do our best to pack this range of color. Toiletries, Shoes, and Underwear is NOT included - you WILL need to pack this.

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Image of a person dragging a suitcase around the airport because they didn't book with PackLess Travel.
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