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About Us

How PackLess Travel Came to Be

Hi! I'm Jehana, your fellow travel enthusiast and the visionary behind PackLess Travel, inviting you to experience the liberating world of PackLess Travel. This isn't just an idea hatched on a whim; it's a testament to my own hilarious (and sometimes nerve-wracking) adventures. I've been fortunate to visit 53 (and counting!) incredible countries and all 7 continents, and each one has left me with unforgettable memories and a few too many "I wish I hadn't packed so much!" moments. Whether it was lugging my overstuffed suitcase to the icy wilderness of Antarctica or wrestling with it in an SUV-top tent in Iceland, I've had my share of battles with the beast that is luggage. Don't even get me started on the time I tried to drag a wheeled suitcase through the untamed jungles of Guatemala!

And then one day, the lightbulb went on!

The Lightbulb Moment

Everything changed during my trip to Cuba in 2022.

After an exhausting day of battling the heat with an unruly suitcase filled with items unsuitable for the climate, I made a radical decision. In a moment of sweat-soaked frustration, I gave away my excess clothing, keeping only the essentials. It. Was. Liberating! The game was forever changed on my return home. Traveling light, I zipped between cities with an agility a gazelle would envy. I sauntered past those soul-crushing airport lines for baggage check-ins and pick-ups, a smug smile playing on my lips. The pesky airline bag fees? Consider them ancient history. Those epic battles for bin space on planes? I was too busy relaxing in my seat, reveling in the liberty of my newfound minimalism. And let's not forget the crowning glory: coming home to a closet, not a mountain of laundry. It was more than a revelation; it was a revolution, a game-changing, life-altering shift in perspective.

Right away, I knew I had to share this feeling with others. I had to democratize the freedom and joy of traveling light. And that, my fellow adventurers, is when PackLess Travel was born.

PackLess Travel is more than just a concept. It's a lifestyle, a manifesto, a revolution. Travel isn't about hauling your entire wardrobe around the world. It's about diving headfirst into new experiences with a heart full of anticipation and just the essentials. No excess baggage, no stress, just pure, unadulterated exploration. That's the revolution that PackLess Travel is all about.


So, are you ready to ditch the excess baggage and join the PackLess revolution? Let's embrace those spontaneous adventures, those unscripted moments, and the authenticity that the open road offers. Pack less, live more.

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