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Cancelations & Non-Returns/Damage Clothes Fees

April 24, 2024

Cancelation Policy

We understand that plans can change, which is why we offer a 24-hour window for cancelations after booking your bag. Our policy is designed to provide you with the flexibility you need and the assurance that you can make changes if necessary.

  • Within 24 Hours of Booking: Customers may cancel their order without any penalties within 24 hours of booking. This grace period is designed to give you the flexibility you need.

  • After the 24-Hour Grace Period and Before the Shipping Date: Cancelations made after the initial 24-hour window and before the item ships are not eligible for a refund. Instead, we will credit your account for future purchases, valid through October 1, 2024. Any such credit is non-transferrable. To use this credit for rebooking, kindly reach out to our customer service team for support.

  • Following the shipping date, refunds or credits will not be issued.

  • Third-Party Bookings: For orders made through third-party providers, refer to their respective cancelation policies.

Non-Returns & Damage Clothes Fees

At PackLess Travel, we strive to ensure that all of our products meet high-quality standards for our customers. To maintain these standards, we have implemented a fee policy for non-returned and damaged items. Please review the following policy carefully to understand the charges that will apply if items are damaged or not returned.​​

Non-Returned Items

It is imperative that all items are returned by the agreed-upon date. Exceptions for inclement weather or holidays will be considered. Failure to return items within 48 hours post-return date, without providing tracking information, will result in the item being considered as purchased, incurring a full replacement fee.

Damaged Items

Responsibility for damages beyond "normal wear and tear" falls to the customer. "Normal wear and tear" entails minor damages expected from standard usage. Significant damage requires full replacement at the customer's expense, according to our listed fee schedule.

Fee Schedule

Replacement fees for damaged or non-returned items range from $20 USD for socks to $200 USD for jackets, with various fees for other items in between.

  • Socks - $20

  • Pajamas - $50

  • Shirts - $100

  • Shorts - $100

  • Pants - $150

  • Dress/Jumpsuit - $150

  • Jacket - $250

Payment of Fees

Fees incurred from non-return or damage will be automatically charged to the payment method on file. A detailed invoice will be provided for any such charges.


Customers are advised to treat the rented items with care to avoid these fees. In case of minor damages, follow the provided care instructions carefully.

Contact Customer Service

  • For cancelations and rebookings, please reach out to our customer service at:

  • Phone: 857-201-2099

  • Email: 

  • Operating Hours: M-F 10am-6pm ET; Sat & Sunday 10am-2pm ET


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